Brand Analytics on the GCE Cloud

At TEXTIENT Analytics, We are now trying out Google compute engine to run our complex and heavy analytics pipeline . We recently ran this brand analytics  on a standard single CPU n1 instance on GCE . Looks very promising in terms of performance and the cost of the run… Instance boot times are way faster then the well known Cloud providers we have come across.

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Exploring the Feelings of @Rackspace’ staying independent !

TEXTIENT’s cloud based Analytics reveals the feelings of  Rackspace, one of the biggest cloud service providers  deciding to stay independent after scouting for strategic options including partnerships and acquisition.

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What feelings are driving Scotland’s big vote on Independence?

As Scotland’s day of destiny arrives, What feelings are driving Scotland’s big vote on Independence?

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* TEXTIENT Analytics is run on Digital Ocean, AWS and GCE Cloud

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GlobalVideoWorks Launches LiveOnSpot Cloud based IP Camera Surveillance Solution

Chennai, India

GlobalVideoWorks a leading provider of Internet Rich-media has launched LiveOnSpot a cloud hosted IP camera monitoring and video security solution for home owners and businesses. LiveOnSpot provides the ability to simultaneously monitor IP Cameras for single or multiple properties that may be located anywhere geographically. It provides a centralized web access for property owners and businesses to be monitor in one place. LiveOnSpot provides powerful yet flexible and cost effective services to help its users to derive maximum benefits of the hosted video surveillance.

LiveOnSpot’s managed Cloud services are available in the US, Europe and Asia.

“With increasing vandalism and damages caused to on-premise Video surveillance systems such as DVRs at the scene of incident, the on-site risks lower the reliability of monitoring and this is where LiveOnSpot’s cloud based service provides higher reliability combined with cost-effectiveness. With no need for any IP video equipment on-premise, there are no monitoring equipments that could be damaged or stolen . This enables the property owners to lower risks and get a predictable sense of security.

Today property asset owners and managers need a security solution that helps them protects the property and at the same time lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) and frees them from daily operational overheads and worries. LiveOnSpot with its 24×7 Cloud hosted IP Camera monitoring and security offers an ‘Enhanced Situational Awareness’ and provides an augmented intelligence allowing property owners to assess the security status anytime through its services. LiveOnSpot is designed to overcome the inherent challenges of the traditional On-premise IP camera & video infrastructure, including

  • Upfront investments on hardware, including real estate, power, cooling and IT equipments
  • Ongoing maintenance & resources
  • Dealing with camera disconnects, hardware failures and delays in replacements
  • Scalability limitations and upgrade costs
  • Limited or no remote access
  • Complex distributed silos when dealing with multiple locations /offices
  • Risk of losing equipment due to vandalism or theft

Some of the powerful features of LiveOnSpot includes:

  • Flexibly connecting cameras in Record or Motion detection modes
  • Flexibly define one or multiple ‘spots’ for motion detection (window, doors, entrance etc) combined with the ability to filter or mask spurious motion signals like from trees or sudden light changes or normal movements applied suitably to varied scenarios.
  • Software defined perimeter sensing and triggers for enhanced situational awareness
  • Customisable ‘Exceptional’ Alerts based on the time or the located spot of motion
  • Flexibility to switch on and off the the cameras based on pre-defined times to save network bandwidth or to reduce spurious motion signals
  • Email Alerts with Inline images when motion is detected
  • Periodic email alerts of ‘Alarm frames’ from cameras as an inline video
  • Dashboard with simple and powerful Analytics including alarm frames review video and camera events charts

Centralised Web based solution for Multiple Properties: With LiveOnSpot, users can easily combine properties spread across locations such as homes, shops, offices, clinics or parking lots with a single,  dedicated and secure access and view of cameras

LiveOnSpot allow users to monitor any number of remote IP cameras from any of the modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, as well as the growing number of connected devices including Android phones and tablets, in the most secure manner

Affordable: Cloud-based service provide a lower cost of entry since there are no server purchases. They also provide a steady rate for service providing greater ease of planning and budgeting combined with greatly reduced liabilities.

About LiveOnSpot:

LiveOnSpot is a business unit of GlobalVideoWorks, a company focused on delivering online video solutions to global customers.  The company has a focus to bring the value of next generation cloud powered IP Camera and Video to the masses. Our endeavor is to offer simple and cost effective software as a service in this area that will empower our global customers and partners

Media contacts:

Chandra Kanth


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The Moods at New York on the Easter day

Happy Easter to all. The rising Joyful moods at #newyork The happier side of #big data can be viewed  here .   This is a part of the analytics on a smaller data set of twitter streams from 16 to 20 April’14



Disclaimer : Data accuracy is not guaranteed.

Views are  own.  Data and charts if used, in the article have been sourced from available information in the public domain and has not been authenticated by any statutory authority.

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Xplenty Expands Coverage to all Amazon Web Services’ Regions

Customers using Amazon CloudFront can now benefit from Xplenty to parse and process their log files, all within the Xplenty design environment

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 4, 2014 – Xplenty,, provider of the innovative Hadoop-as-a-service platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network, and seller on the AWS Marketplace, now offers its big data processing technology directly to customers in all AWS Regions. Xplenty is now available to customers from AWS’ Regions in South America (Sao Paolo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo). This adds to the existing Xplenty locations of U.S. East (N. Virginia), U.S. West (N. California and Oregon) and EU (Ireland).

Xplenty technology provides Hadoop processing on the cloud via a coding-free design environment, ensuring businesses can quickly and easily benefit from the opportunities offered by big data without having to invest in hardware, software or related personnel.

Meanwhile, users of the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network can now use Xplenty to analyze their log files. New predefined templates let users parse and process Amazon CloudFront logs easily. The processing engine transforms structured and semi-structured big data and easily scales to petabytes as data requirements grow, allowing companies to better understand their customers.

One company already using Xplenty to gain better insight to their customers is WalkMe. “We have customers from a wide range of industries and verticals – including banks, financial institutions, retail services, tourism, leading software vendors and more – all of which use WalkMe to simplify their customers’ online experience. By using Xplenty to break down our log files, we’re able to gain valuable insights into our customer needs and preferences,” says Nir Nahum, VP of R&D at WalkMe. “With the easy-to-use GUI, we just designate the file location for processing, and it automatically sets up the template and runs.”

Xplenty is available within the global AWS Marketplace to customers seeking to integrate a Hadoop-as-a-Service platform to solve their big data processing challenges.

“Big data is shaping the way companies of all sizes develop new products and identify new opportunities to increase their efficiency,” said Brian Matsubara, Head of Global Technology Alliances, Amazon Web Services.  “By bringing their Big Data analysis tools to the AWS cloud, Xplenty is giving customers an innovative approach to solve their business challenges.  Xplenty leverages the AWS global platform to provide scalable Big Data solutions to customers around the world.”

“As a cloud-based service provider, we offer organizations of any size the opportunity to learn more about their customers, further personalize their services, and increase their bottom lines, all by enabling their big data analyses,” says Yaniv Mor, co-founder and CEO of Xplenty. “Why shouldn’t everyone gain by using the data they are paying to store anyway?”

About Xplenty

Xplenty was founded by data professionals for data professionals to deliver on the promise of big data. Xplenty’s true big data solution provides ROI almost immediately by uncovering valuable business insights, translating into higher revenues and increased competitiveness. Xplenty delivers a coding-free, cloud-based Hadoop-as-a-Service platform that transforms structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data into usable information in the AWS, Rackspace and Softlayer environments. Our goal is to make Hadoop accessible and cost-effective for everybody.

 Media Contact

Amy Kenigsberg
K2 Global Communications
tel: +972-9-794-1681 (+2 GMT)
mobile: +972-524-761-341
U.S.: +1-913-440-4072 (+7 ET)

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

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Cloud Assets,Health & Analytics

The SaaS Solutions provided by Cloud Health Technologies , a new service provider on the block is  interesting

A holistic view of the Cloud environment especially when you have deployed hundreds of servers, store terabytes of data across mutiple storage locations drives cloud management innovation which is the heart of  CloudHealth Technologies. Their services combine cloud analysis technology and the integration of cloud business services such as provisioning, performance, monitoring, and financial, to support a holistic approach for IT management of your cloud ecosystem.  According to them, their services offer actionable business insights to help  answer the tough cloud management questions so that one can align the cloud assets and operations with their business needs such as for instance

  • What is my cloud usage per customer, service, or project?
  • How can I correlate my cloud performance to my customer service level requirements?
  • How can I correlate revenue per customer to COGS?
  • How can I determine the optimal number and types of reserved instances based on business needs?
  • How can I get a consolidated view of all of my accounts, services, regions, and asset detail?

At the Outset it seems to be an interesting service especially for companies which may have a number of their Amazon cloud assets to be streamlined and managed. Their website doesn’t provide information about pricing. 

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