How would your IT services for the Cloud be defined?

According to  an IDC exchange blog posted today, the viewpoints for the definition of  “Cloud Computing” and “Cloud Services” is given. According to this IDG blog post, the definitions cited for these terms are that

Cloud Services is  Consumer and Business products, services and solutions that are delivered and consumed in real-time over the Internet

Cloud Computing is  an emerging IT Environment ( IT development, deployment and delivery model) enabling real-time delivery of products, services and solutions over the Internet (i.e., enabling cloud services)

Now , It is interesting to note that  IT Consulting and Services providers such as Accenture seems to have termed their IT Services for the cloud under the definition of  “Cloud Services”

For a Novice or a non -IT person exploring Cloud computing , How would this usage of similar terms indicating two  different aspects  be perceived?

I believe that IDC’s viewpoints on defining *cloud service*  virtually as any business or consumer service that is delivered and consumed over the Internet in real-time seems to be closely aligned and appropriate with the Cloud computing paradigm .

This means there is a room for IT services providers to evolve and perhaps standardize the definitions of their IT services around  Cloud Computing. Perhaps, terms such as “Cloud Computing Services ” or “Cloudshoring” ……?


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