RightScale offers Package For Cloud Developers & Testers

Information today reported a news article that RightScale , a leading Cloud management company has launched a  Development & Test Solution Pack , a solution for cloud management designed to help software development and testing teams to easily provision and use cloud computing resources to improve the software quality and speed time-to-market.

The RightScale Development & Test Solution Pack supports four development languages Viz PHP, Java, Ruby and .NET, and it  also includes Java and PHP solutions from RightScale’s  partners IBM and Zend Technologies.

This is a welcome step from RightScale  adding more power to its existing portfolio of cloud management tools and services and may immensely help developers and IT services companies  as the adoption of Cloud services accelerate in the market that will especially demand a predictable migration (ensuring quality deliverable within a given schedule and costs ) and delivery of  in-house production applications of the clients to the cloud.

The presently introduced development and testing package brings a lot of synergy and value to RightScale’s existing cloud provisioning,deployment automation and management tools for its services. I think the earlier missing piece was while one could assemble /create different server templates ,deploy and provision the software applications, there was no way that developer’s could test it or fix application issues from the same RightScale environment and these new products therefore  can access and easily provision the resources they need as well as maintain consistent, reproducible environments on the cloud.

However, the real benefits of using this new product for the purpose of  a longer software development lifecycle (i-e design,development,testing to delivery) should be carefully evaluated against having a local development environment from the perspective of productivity,flexibility,configuration & change management and costs. However, for a shorter life cycle usage ,especially if you are porting or migrating software products or applications, I think this can provide significant benefits combined with other provisioning  and management tools of RightScale.

So, Cloudshoring does look like a Breeze through RightScale!


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