Viewpoint – Cirtas emerges from the Stealth!

Reuters reported that Cirtas, a provider of a cloud storage gateway device announced it has emerged from stealth mode and has raised $10 million in an oversubscribed Series A funding providing further evidence the cloud space is heating up. It says Cirtas makes an appliance about the size of a large encyclopedia that bridges a company’s storage area network with a cloud-based storage system and makes  it appear seamless, like the data is stored locally.

Another article published by Sys-con on Cirtas indicates that the Cirtase 2U 3.5TB appliance primarily combines WAN optimization techniques and encryption with storage array virtualization capabilities.It caches high-priority data locally and stores secondary data in the cloud using WAN optimization technology and claims data-compression ratios of 2:1 to 3:1, depending on the data type, and a data de-duplication ratio as high as 50:1 for backup on the cloud and features such as this as per the Cirtas’ website indicates the potential for taping unlimited, inexpensive data repositories with the cloud providers of your choice, letting you manage massive data growth with a simple, small, power-efficient appliance.

In my Viewpoint, new pervasive cloud based storage technologies meant for large organizations and enterprises especially will not only help lower upfront investments on adding racks and racks of storage array networks and the other associated infrastructure,but also as the data grows explosively, the nightmare of physically growing such an infrastructure with more and more IT resources and management overheads adds significantly to the cost impacts the ability to sustain efficiencies of large organizations. Hence,a  lean and mean and efficient large scale Cloud storage storage product/solution providers such as Cirtas seems to be attractively placed in reducing the TCO of data intensive IT and Datacenter operations while at the same time helping to gain better efficiencies and a faster ROI from such initiatives.

Emergence of sophisticated large scale cloud data storage providers like Cirtus in the future in my viewpoint is also likely to impact the reliance of mid and large organisations on traditional suppliers ,consultants and system integration firms providing inhouse data center storage solutions. Organizations may not need armies of Storage and Systems management human resources like what they may have today.

In general, it is a good news for CIOs of enterprises constantly under pressure to cut their costs and improving their ROI especially given the fact the global economic situation is just recovering. On the other side, Services companies and Professionals working in the IT storage systems and management areas might have to look at honing their skills in other emerging IT areas providing better opportunities as their demand might perhaps drop in the future.

While innovative products such as Cirtus are beinging a paradigm shift to the adoption of cloud computing providing greater business efficiencies, Their wide spread adoption by large organisations /enterprises especially those whose business is run by strict regulatory terms and compliance (e.g. Financial Services,Pharma & Lifesciences and Government verticals) is to be watched in the coming years. It is also important for Cloud products and service providers to design their products and deployment processes in tune with the standard or specific compliance requirements implemented in the Industry.

For instance, Cloud storage solution providers partnering with Cloud services firms having SAS-70 compliant data centers. Providing the ability to audit the operations seamlessly etc.


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