Cloudera for Hadoop & Riptano for Cassendra! What’s in the Making?

Recently GigaOm posted a blog on “Will Hadoop Profit from Bank’s Data Woes” where it says An InformationWeek survey commissioned by SAS and Platform Computing indicated B2B  firms are struggling with  data  explosion and deluge, inflexible analytics software giving poor insights.

Cloudera, the company that provides commercial ,enterprise version of the Hadoop ,about which I had written  in my earlier blogpost cites financial services as one of two vertical markets adopting Hadoop most aggressively, with primary use cases being fraud detection, complex ETL and risk analysis. At Cloudera’s upcoming Hadoop World event reflects this momentum with one of the key speaker from the Bank of America’s managing director for big data and analytics.

Yesterday “Businesswire” reported the partnership between Riptano and Digital Reasoning. Riptano is a company providing software, support and training for Apache Cassandra which the is the leading scalable and high performance open-source database used by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Cisco and many others announced a partnership to advance the deployment of cloud-scale analytics solutions in government and commercial markets.

Interestingly if you compare, Riptano’s business model is almost similar to Cloudera’s business model. Both the companies had the vision to sense the opportunity in store and have been an early mover to capitalize on commercialization of these products apart from the technical wizardry they have shown in improving these very complex products for adoption in to the mainstream industry.

So ,What’s in the Making?

While the explosion of unstructured data represents over 75 percent of the world’s information calling for increasing demand for actionable intelligence from this information , organizations require innovative solutions to make timely, accurate judgments on large quantities of information as cited in Businesswire. It saves lives in the intelligence community, and it saves time and money in the enterprise. The ability to distribute analytical capabilities is changing how information is used and I am sure Cloudera and Riptano are well placed to bring the necessary change for the benefit of several large business  enterprises struggling with information overload.

I strongly believe there is a paradigm shift happening in the area of “Big Data processing” with rapidly growing  sophistication ,maturity and support for two of these most powerful open-source product , Hadoop and Cassendra which have demonstrated their awesome capabilities and power inside the deployments of some of the largest Internet companies in the planet.

In my opinion, both Hadoop and Cassendra with their capabilities (increasing day by day..) combined with the Ondemand,Pay per use, Highly scalable Elastic model of the cloud has a great potential to shake up the today’s traditional models of large scale data processing and analytics. It is going to be disruptive in many ways and I can only imagine including some of the traditional software vendors in this area existing today might perish not too distant in the future. I am saying this because some of them can’t change their business models and architectures. They don’t have the agility,flexibility and the capacity to change and keep up with this new evolutions. Let’s watch this interesting change in the coming days!

So looking at these emerging trends  here are some strong speculations to make, rather bet?

  • Big Data processing with Hadoop and Cassendra on the Cloud(s) will be a disruptive phenomenon in the IT in the (near) future.
  • Cloudera and Riptano will be the darlings of the Venture firms. Cloudera is already more than a darling now..!
  • This offers large Software companies to eye them for an acquisition ,perhaps not very distant in the future.
  • Cloud Service Providers (CSP) like Amazon,Terramark,Savvis,GoGrid are all going to see a spike in the demand for their Cloud computing resources sooner or later when hadoop dices hundreds of TBs of data or when clusters of Cassendra runs their queries and analyses the data fed from hadoop nodes.
  • Cloud Storage vendors also stand to benefits a lot as terabytes of log data and resultsets get moved after the bigdata crunching! .
  • Complementary software vendors such as Karmasphere which develops tools to develop,test and deploy Bigdata software will also be in a niche space and in demand. (both from enterprises and developers)
  • There is a good scope for other technocrats and nerds across the world to re-jig and create innovative versions or stacks of software from the Opensource Hadoop and Cassendra. Cloudera and Riptona are definite motivators and their success patters will drive other competitors to evolve as the market demands catch up.
  • Several large enterprises stand to benefit immensely through the deployments of Hadoop and Cassendra in the coming days especially as they mature from their current embryonic stages. They can lower their TCO,Improve their efficiencies ,competitive positioning and ROI. Really thats what you can help them to be!
  • Astute IT Service providers will leverage this opportunity. There is a fantastic opportunity for crafting niche Data management, BI & Analytics solutions. There are also opportunities to build IP around these stacks!
  • Professional developers cutting their teeth with Hadoop and Cassendra based Big-Data stacks will be hot and would be in great demand in the days to come.
  • Training companies will flourish! (ofcourse including cloudera and Riptano – bigtime)

FINALLY , With the emergence of companies like Cloudera and Riptano around the disruptive technologies and products such as Apache Hadoop and Cassendra converging on the Cloud(s)  ,Its going to be a lot raining  dollars for various players who have identified this big opportunity.  Look around, the clouds are already there!! Want to get drenched?


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