Tata Communications debuts InstaCompute Cloud Service in India

Tata Communications debuted its Cloud services in the Indian market ,Thursday,last week as reported by ‘The Hindu’ .

InstaCompute , Tata Telecom’s Cloud computing service will provide organizations in India to leverage the flexible pay per use computing model for different capacities. InstaCompute’s pricing is very similar to the other Cloud service providers.

Details of the pricing along with the Price calculator (similar to Amazon AWS calculator) is available on their website. The interesting thing is that Payment options are available in Multiple currencies of Indian rupees, Singapore Dollar,USD and Euros.

You can actually try out a one week trial that comes with a INR 900 (USD 40) credit.

It took me 5 minutes to get signed and start using the Cloud services portal.  When you login, you will be taken to the dashboard as shown below that provides the summary of the operational parameters.

You can then navigate to the “Instance” menu and launch a Virtual machine of specific capacity/config in seconds! As of now InstaCloud Provides a preset template for the following platforms and you can choose the template to launch the system needed.

  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, x64 with 20 GB partition
  • Cent OS 5.4 .X64 , 20 GB root partition
  • Windows 2003 X64 Datacenter Edition – 20GB primary disk
  • Windows 2003 X86 Datacenter Edition – 20GB primary disk
  • Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition – 20GB primary disk

You can also add templates from templates library with various stacks of SuSe,Redhat,CentOS ,Oracle enterprise Linux servers and Windows Servers

Cloud server instances started can be stopped,restarted , terminated flexibly

Multiple Storage  disks from 50 GB to 1 TB can easily be added to the cloud through the Storage menu . The pricing for the storage is available in the rates section of their website

You can flexibly configure the network through the Network menu, you can acquire IP nos, purchase additional IPs and configure firewalls, do port forwarding and load balancing

There is an events interface that provides you with a quick log history of the operations on the cloud which is a good utility for systems administrators.

There are a lot of other features to manage your account and in the support section to explore, although I didn’t have a chance to try in detail.

I was trying to find information on the support terms and  the SLA’s . However, the SLA link in their website didn’t work during my trials.

Overall , My quick trial  for a day on the Tata telecom’s InstaCompute cloud was pretty impressive , easy to setup and use without much IT knowledge and resource requirements. This is good for a lot of small and medium businesses looking at moving their IT to the cloud.

Tata’s InstaCompute seems to be a great opportunity for India based or Asia-pacific based compaies, especially the SMBs to leverage Cloud computing for their IT operations. Happy Cloudshoring to InstaCompute!

For Asia-Pacific customers,Its relative technical , cost and support advantages against Amazon AWS ,which has a hosting center in Singapore and other cloud providers like Voxel from Singapore needs to be explored.



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One Response to Tata Communications debuts InstaCompute Cloud Service in India

  1. Matt Leonard says:

    Thanks for the quick blog post on InstaCompute. Would love to get more input from you and stories from users on how they are using the service. Sorry about the deadlink you found on the SLAs. It can be found here: http://iaas.tatacommunications.com/terms-conditions/#slas We expect latency to be dramatically reduced for a major improvement to the Indian user experience.

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