Riptano Gets Funded,Apache Cassandra Shines!

Devin Knighton, Marketing Director of Riptano (the company specializing in providing software solutions around ‘Apache Cassandra’,about which I had posted earlier) informed me yesterday about their First round of funding from highly reputed venture investment firms,LightSpeed and Sequoia. Investments of $2.7 million would be made in Riptano.

This is a very significant event to be noted closely in the emerging area of Cloud computing. Firstly, this indicates the *high value potential* offered by Apache Cassandra towards the high scalability and performance requirements/demands for large companies or large-scale information processing leveraging the elastic and (infinitely) scalable characteristics of the Cloud. It is to be noted that some of the largest Web2.0 companies in the world today already use Cassandra for their massive scalability and performance needs.

Secondly, One should appreciate the intellectual capital and contribution sunk in from a startup like Riptano towards Cassandra so far ,as reflected in their recent partnership with Digital reasoning to serve Government projects in the United States.

New investments as per Riptano is to make Cassandra better, provide more resources for a community based software around it and it aims to build the highest performing distributed database the world has ever seen.

In my opinion,Riptano is a Visionary,early entrant startup with a potential to scale as much as Cassandra in the Cloud computing arena!You can guess it..!

Cloud computing is a disruptive phenomenon that will change the face of IT in the future.Cassandra has a very significant role to be a part of this change and evolution.Riptano seems to be well positioned to be an enabler of this change.


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