Stealth Launch of AWS CloudFormation Service! – Does this pose a threat to RightScale’s business?

It was around 1 PM, IST (Mid night in the US),while a visit to the Amazon AWS website drew my attention to its banner with the caption “AWS CloudFormation“.

It took a few minutes for me realize that Amazon has made a stealth launch of a new service called ‘AWS CloudFormation’ that offers developers and systems administrators an easy way to create a collection of related AWS resources and provision them in an orderly and predictable fashion.

One of the things that came on top of mind while I skimmed through its details was if this service potentially competes with some of the key services offered by RightScale which through its templating and scripting techniques and related service offerings helps easily deploy and manage business-critical applications on the cloud with new levels of service and manageability. A perusal of Amazon’s AWS CloudFormation suggests very similar services that RightScalehas been offering.

I also feel companies like Scalarium which provides “Auto configuration and deployment” as a web service on a pay as you go model should closely watch this development.

At the outset, in my personal viewpoint,it does look like Amazon’s Aws CloudFormation with its features related to the server stack deployment configuration and automation combined with some of its key “services” such as CloudWatch Monitoring, Load balancing and Autoscaling etc might pose a threat to some of the RightScale’s services /business in the coming days if Amazon is able to offer equally good or much better services through Amazon AWS CloudFormation? An Interesting development that needs to be watched out!


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One Response to Stealth Launch of AWS CloudFormation Service! – Does this pose a threat to RightScale’s business?

  1. Rock says:

    AWS continues to provide enhancements, but it does not address its SLA. So, until enterprises can count on AWS support, there continues to be a need for 3rd party VARs.

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