A Peek in to the New ‘SimpliCloud’ from Netmagic India

Only a few days ago, I was reading an article about the growing interest and demand for Cloud computing in India .  Yesterday, I came to know about the launch of the SimpliCloud from NetMagic, an emerging Cloud services vendor in India. This launch in my viewpoint seems to be a well timed one by NetMagic to position itself as an early mover and a prominent player  in line with the envisaged demand for Cloud Computing in India in the future.

I quickly signed up for a free trial  for SIMPLICLOUD  that ‘netmagic’ is offering at present. It was a breeze to get started .

NetMagic’s SIMPLICLOUD consists of three major offerings viz.,

a. SimpliCompute :: which offers ondemand public and private cloud servers

b. SimpliStor :: A scalable storage layer that supports NFS / CIFS / Webdav file structures

c. SimpliNet :: A layer of network-related appliances and managed services such as Virtual firewall and Load balancers

Ok. Now, My intent is to not to get in to the details of SIMPLICLOUD, But t0 reflect and share some of my thoughts on its specific aspects and the market context.

  • SimpliCloud with its VMWARE Hypervisor based technology seems to offer numerous OS images and akin to other Public clouds like Tata InstaCompute in India. However, their HYBRICLOUD offering is an interesting one to note.HybriCloud works by allowing one to create an isolated environment within Netmagic’s SimpliCloud grid by spawning instances within a virtual network that is defined by you Large organisations or enterprises with expectations and emphasis  on greater security,data isolation  and control of their cloud operations can leverage this. If required, there is also cloud burst provisioning. I had written about the growing significance for Hybrid clouds in the enterprises last year.

    Infact , I was looking for this feature from Tata’s stable (InstaCompute) if you consider Tata Group already having several large enterprises as its clients! Is NetMagic ahead of Tata InstaCompute in its vision and offerings?

  • Provides Nehalem 2.0-2.5 GHz per VCPU which might offer a better performance than its peers like Amazon EC2 or Rackspace for a similar machine instance type. (It would be good if CloudHarmony publishes a benchmark on Simplicloud in the future!)
  • SimpliCloud includes Private Cloud enabling which is a plus and a strategy to provide a comprehensive cloud computing service to enterprises or possibly for Government institutions.
  • SimpliStor which is an ondemand virtual storage up to 2TB with increments of 100 GB  seems to be good with its NFS and CIFS features suitable for  serious deployments of all sizes as well as for enterprise computing.

The highest no. of CPU cores available in Simplicompute is 4 as of now and providing higher no. of  cores (8,16)may be one of the expectations, enterprise class customers would have.

Pricing :-

Netmagic provides a fixed monthly and a variable pay-as-you go pricing for SimpliCloud.

I compared SimpliCloud pricing against Tata’s Instacompute. Here are the links to it

NetMagic SimpliCloud Pricing ::

Tata InstaCompute Pricing ::

At the Outset, SimpliCloud’s Pricing may look higher than Tata Instacompute for similar capacities,But as you can see Simplicloud includes the network bandwidth transfer of 20 GBT while for InstaCompute you will have to pay separately  for the network bandwidth.

If your Application is not going to consume a lot of bandwidth and if you are looking at smaller instances then, InstaCompute’s pricing may score better than NetMagic SimpliCloud.

Nice to have features ? : –

  • SimpliCloud presently offers fixed Linux Distros . It would be good if  we have the facility to  load custom OS images . This feature is available in Tata’s Instacompute.
  • Importing VMWARE Virtual machine files ,since SimpliCloud is based on VMWARE hypervisor would have added a punch to flexible and faster deployments.

To Summarize, NetMagic’s SimpliCloud seems to be a refreshingly new introduction in the cloud services landscape in India.Just at the face of it, It  seems to have the potential to compete with large players and grow. Let’s wait and watch!


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