Tata Instacompute :: Delayed VM Creation notifications

I created a machine instance today morning at around 10 AM and now at 10 PM after 12 hours , I get an email notifying me about the Windows VM I had created in the morning along with the access password. This is not the first instance, This is the way the instance creation notification seems to be working for me in my observation so far. Initially, when I got such notifications I was wondering, if some one else had logged in to my account and started services, when I got emails so much delayed!?

In Rackspace cloud, just to compare similar notifications take 5 – 10 minutes max. and they are pretty much deterministic.

Instacompute’s services should fix this and improve the services significantly.


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One Response to Tata Instacompute :: Delayed VM Creation notifications

  1. Steve Friday says:

    This is a known bug and we have a portal upgrade scheduled for this coming weekend 13th August that will address it and others, we endeavor to fix any client issues as soon as possible and are constantly working to improve our cloud service, we appreciate feed back like this and would also recommend that if you find an issue or even have an enhancement request that you visit our own forum and add it in there, we can then be sure to see it.

    Tata Cloud Employee

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