CloudSigma & StandingCloud offers interesting possibilities for European ISVs,SMEs and MSPs

Standing Cloud, Inc. (, a key player in the emerging Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) marketplace, and CloudSigma (, a leading IaaS Cloud in Europe, have announced a partnership that provides a seamless and easy way to deploy and manage some of the popular/widely used Software Application stacks to cloud users.

Essentially,with this partnership and integration, 80+ Commercial and Opensource software applications provided by Standing Cloud can be deployed and managed on CloudSigma’s IaaS Cloud.

I personally think this is an interesting event in the emerging European Cloud computing landscape and I believe it offers interesting possibilities for European ISVs,SMEs and MSPs. Let’s look at some of the advantages that this partnership may bring to these businesses.

Advantages for ISVs ::

a. ISVs including web2.0 and eBusiness startups across Europe are looking for ways to enable their on-premise software on a SaaS model or develop a new stack on a SaaS model to extend their market reach and business. CloudSigma IaaS Stack and Standing Cloud’s PaaS stack offers a potent combination to realize such initiatives

b. Time to market is an important factor for ISVs. Standing Cloud’s easy to use deployment services provides significant reduction in time to deploy production applications , for instance a B2C eCommerce site with Magento or say a vertical specific business service on a LAMP stack.

c. Once ISVs launch their business services on a SaaS model,their responsibility and ownership to offer a 100% up-time and manage the delivery of services without any issues called as the Quality of Services (QOS) increases  steeply. Standing Cloud provides a number of features to help manage the QOS of a service.

d. The performance of the Cloud and its delivery Network plays a significant role in the optimal service delivery and user experience. CloudSigma is a service that offers a great performance in European region. It is touted to be the fastest in Europe.This is an important factor that can help ISVs deliver a high performance service for their end users in the europe.

Advantages for SMEs in Europe ::

1. SMEs looking at reducing their TCO (Total Cost of operations)through IT operations and improving their ROI,could leverage Standing Cloud’s services to streamline their Business Applications deployment and management more efficiently.IT Managers and Administrators of such companies can easily migrate,deploy,monitor and manage their CRM or ERP applications,for instance based on OpenBravo or SugarCRM.

2. Improving the Business agility is becoming the “Mantra” for Cloud adoption as businesses are seeking ways to improve their ROIs and shareholder value. This means they should be able to achieve Productivity and efficiency gains in a shorter span of time as well as they should be in a position to respond to changes quickly. A number of  automated service features including features such as “Server Resizing” , “Preview and Test Upgrades” and “Automated Restore” provided by StandingCloud on top of a robust and scalable IaaS Cloud by CloudSigma provides a great choice for European SMEs to improve their business agility. Also ,CloudSigma offers fine grained configuration of Cloud server capacities,which is a great way to optimise capacities and hence the cost of IT operations on the cloud.

3. Risk management and mitigation is a critical part of any business and this is an important part of the IT operations.StandingCloud on CloudSigma provides powerful features such as a. Backups and redundancies b. Automatic restore to reduce the risks of running the business applications. CloudSigma’s open IaaS model also provides seamless data portability which helps reduce the risks.

New Opportunities for MSPs/Managed IT service providers in Europe ::

  • If you are in the business of  providing Managed IT services, this provides new avenues .Don’t under-estimate the potential, Leveraging CloudSigma and StandingCloud, you can be an ISP and an MSP and be the one stop shop for your customers to host and manage business critical applications seamlessly. In fact much of what you need to do in terms of an  IT deployment,monitoring,management and reporting has been automated and simplified by both StandingCloud and CloudSigma services. This means ,you can lower your cost of services ,manage more number of application deployments optimally with fewer resources and at the same time provide services to your clients with better efficiencies.
  • Today Clients are serious about ROI on the cloud and a service such as this gives an MSP enough opportunity to tailor the services that offer a better ROI model to clients

So,  If you are an IT Services provider/MSP or a Systems Integrator, CloudSigma with StandingCloud provides new avenues to offer new services and value proposition to your clients as well as helps you to differentiate well and compete better in the market.Even as a small player, you get the power to  compete  with larger players. So, don’t miss this opportunity and start out now!

Finally, before I conclude this post, One very critical aspect that I would like to point out and emphasize both with StandingCloud and CloudSigma is the portability of your software. There is no lock in. This is very critical. If you are locked in to a cloud vendor, you have the biggest risk for your business and IT strategy on the cloud and the impact of a lock in has the potential to throw a business out of sync completely depending on the severity of the issue and the risk envisaged. The cost impact of this risk can be unimaginable.

CloudSigma offers complete data portability (You can just ship your server & app stacks and data HDDs out of CloudSigma through FTP as a standard ISO format) and StandingCloud offers portability between different Cloud services such as Rackspace as a core feature.

From this perspective,StandingCloud is a service that offers you a higher flexibility and lower risk that you don’t get from other similar players such as TurnKey Linux or Bitnami. Similarly Running your servers on CloudSigma offers you no-lock in which is not provided by Amazon or Rackspace cloud.

So, If you are an ISV,SME or a MSP in Europe ,It’s an interesting time for you to start exploring StandingCloud with CloudSigma


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