Puppet, Chef Ease Transition to Cloud Computing

There is an interesting article post by BusinessWeek on Puppet and Chef that I thought of sharing. Essentially, Automation is the crux or the key ingredient of Puppet and Chef. Last year, I had posted my thoughts on “Automation-A critical success factor to Cloud Strategy” . Puppet and Chef frameworks basically help realize it!

I am a fan of  CFEngine that offers  similar functionality and in fact CFEngine was developed and used in the industry way before Puppet and Chef came in to existence.CFEngine has a smaller footprint and offers some unique features. It is a  proven one in very large-scale IT deployments before even clouds came in…

To Summarize , Puppet,Chef and CFEngine has enough power to streamline,simplify and optimize efficient cloud deployment and management and this is bound to have a significant bottom line impact (ROI,the favorite term of not just the CIOs, but some of the people who had interviewed me!) that every business would look for in the cloud!


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