BI at the speed of thought :: Bime 3.0 Provides Improved ROI acceleration and Business Agility!

We are Cloud is launching Bime V3.0 today at  DEMO conference 2011 . The notable feature offered in this release is a unique QueryBlender that allows users to connect  between disparate, live data sets available locally or remotely.

With QueryBlender, Bime is the first cloud BI solution that really unlocks the power of federated databases . With this,users can query dozens of sources – regardless of query language, file, and meta data formats. QueryBlender lets users mix and match virtually any information, from legacy spreadsheets and large relational databases to live data streaming in from Google Analytics, Google Apps,, or Amazon Web Services.

Here is a Video of Bime’s QueryBlender in action

With the QueryBlender you can mix data on the fly. It is interesting to note that you don’t need to move your data around with ETL, and you don’t need to federate everything in a data warehouse. You simply query your different systems in the pivot table and join everything on the fly as you can see in the demo.

This provides a huge advantage for anyone who want to analyze  data from disparate sources without much hassles.

In my viewpoint, this feature acts as a powerful ROI accelerator for any business,specifically SMEs (small and medium enterprises) who would like to leverage BI seeking better return of investments through timely business insights,decision-making and optimization. Good BI is the fusion of the right information, the right time, the right format which is highly essential to realign business goals and priorities quickly in today’s dynamic business scenario.

If you look at the total cost of ownership for BI, typically,the costs include all the associated infrastructures, software, tools and human resources for the following.

  • Data warehouse
  • Data gathering and management (Federation/ETL)
  • Information delivery

Additionally, BI development,delivery and  management including the service infrastructure,is going to be a part of the cost equation.

Now, How many SMB’s are positioned today to invest and efficiently operate a BI service of their own consisting of the above mentioned IT services and seek a meaningful ROI from such investments in a meaningful time-frame? I would say not many.

Secondly, What about those SMB organizations, who have a lot of static and dynamic data sources inside their organizations, but without a data-warehouse,ETL and integration,they are not in a position to use the data to build meaningful information and analytic necessary for deriving value from their data?

It is to be noted that Bime’s Cloud BI and its unique QueryBlender feature solves this critical issue. Two very important value that a business/organization can derive by using Bime is

  • Gain Business agility and competitive advantage through a quick integration of their data sources on the fly and with this ability analyst’s can slash significant time to gain crucial business insights to make decisions from dynamically generated reports by Bime’s powerful visualizer/dashboard.
  • There is a significant potential for ROI (return of investment) acceleration due to the fact that (a) significant datawarehousing,ETL,Integration related set up and efforts (TCO) and time gets slashed (b) You don’t need expensive IT experts or technical resources supporting your business analysts to develop a complex analytics dashboard. IT savvy,Business Analyst’s can easily do this job with a little bit of training and trials. This is a huge advantage as the overheads could be reduced substantially.

In essence , the case for maximizing business benefits by using Bime’s cloud based BI and based on its affordable subscription based pricing of $60 to 240 per month seems to be  strong and I would recommend businesses of all sizes,especially SMEs including eBusiness organisations,who would like to extract value and gain from their growing data resources to consider exploring Bime’s newly released Bime V 3.0 services.

Before I end this post, I would like to add a side note that a serious adoption to the Cloud in any form as written by many experts and analysts whether it’s an IaaS ,PaaS or SaaS requires a solid ROI value proposition and the ability of the Cloud or Cloud based services to offer significant Business agility to the end-user /customer.

It is interesting to see that We are cloud’s Bime V 3.0, BI as a service has the full potential to help its  customers seamlessly adopt cloud to gain Business agility and ROI!


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  1. kirsty says:

    Thanks Sankar!! Great article 🙂

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