Will Humanoids manage the Cloud?

I came across an interesting news article about a company called IPSoft and would like to share it to the readers.

The crux of the article is about  IPSoft’s software based heavily on expert systems that mimic the human brain. They are capable of self-healing, self-learning and autonomously solving a majority of the problems that arise on computer networks. And IPSoft’s correlation engines do what the human brain just cannot: pick trends by analysing hundreds of pieces of information all at once to diagnose and solve problems. Nearly two-thirds of all problems on computer networks are being solved by IPSoft with no human intervention..

IPSoft already provides such solutions for public and private clouds…

Intelligent software from companies like IPSoft does suggest that in the future, as the cloud expands tremendously,the potential for humanoid software to autonomously manage and support complex cloud operations looks bright and could revolutionalise this industry!

This also suggests a significant opportunity for start ups working on Cloud monitoring,management and Governance as well as on ITIL support!

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