Amazon AWS Supports SMS protocol in Amazon SNS

Yesterday Amazon AWS added another feather to its cap by announcing the support for SMS protocol/channel to its Simple notification Service (SNS).

This is a significant milestone and a service to be noted at a time in our history when the usage of Mobile phones around the world is exploding especially with the rapid proliferation of  dizzying range of smart phone and tablet products .

Through this new SMS protocol, it is now possible to develop or extend powerful text based mobile messaging applications from the cloud. As per Amazon,Messages can now be sent to 10 digit US phone numbers and they have  plan to support phones in Canada and other countries in the future.

It is to be noted that SNS provides a highly secure and non-intrusive  workflow features (e.g. acknowledgment,opt-ins) to enable text messaging . These are critical features to be considered when one wants to develop secure,enterprise scale and customer friendly mobile application services.

Pricing ?

  • First 100 Amazon SNS SMS Notifications per month are free
  • $0.75 per 100 Amazon SNS SMS Notifications thereafter or $ 0.0075 or cents 7.5 per SMS
While the pay-as-you-go price seems to be a little  higher than some of the existing whole sale SMS services like smsified (1cent/outbound msg) , it is also in the same range as vendors like Nexmo (cents 7.6/msg) .

(Some vendors while providing a lower price per sms ,attach additional pricing  like $1/month for each phone number added to the messaging service inventory. This is bound to burn the pockets significantly for large scale messaging scenarios.)

Amazon’s cloud based SMS service  in my belief is bound to have a significant impact in the market in the time to come such as the following.,

a.With its highly scalable Cloud infrastructure and a growing number of enterprise scale software applications moving to the cloud (aws),A number of  companies may add and leverage this feature to provide the mobile reach.It’s a boon for companies focused on developing software on AWS as using this service within the aws ecosystem could reduce external dependencies,risks and at the same time  increase productivity , efficiencies and innovation.

b.In the time to come,Existing Whole Sale SMS Service vendors may have to face the heat of competition from Amazon in their turf..


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One Response to Amazon AWS Supports SMS protocol in Amazon SNS

  1. Sankar, thanks for the mention of Nexmo.

    As a add-on info, you know that Nexmo has an Amazon SNS lib already that will let uses without much change to their code reach the remaining phones outside the US. that is 95% of mobile users since the US is only 5%.

    Here is the lib:

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