Voice Telephony integration to Amazon AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Today, most of my friends in the cloud community had left early in the morning to attend Amazon’s Cloud event in Chennai  and possibly meet with Mr.Werner Vogels while I  decided to stay back and continue an interesting work on Amazon SNS.

A week ago Amzon had announced its text messaging (SMS)channel to its Amazon Simple Notification (SNS) cloud service . I thought it would be interesting develop a Voice Telephony interface  to Amazon SNS.

Below is a  brief demo of  the Amazon SNS to Voice Telephony integration software that I am developing… The demo’s context is that if  a text message is sent manually or automatically through a software application, subscribers of a specific topic or a channel on the SNS can be called on their phones and the text can be played as an audio. Also, pre-determined text messages could trigger specific actions to call telephones.

I believe ,the application development /solutions  to address real world requirements and solve problems through integrating Amazon SNS to Voice telephony are enormous . This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs!

For instance ,Imagine scenarios such as

  • Sending a Happy Christmas Greeting  text sent to SNS that will call dozens or hundreds of people (customers,employees,friends) *at the same time* on their Phones and play your voice greetings!
  • Event management (Reminders and Cancellations ) :: A  single text message such as “We would like to remind you about tomorrow’s Cloudy event at Hyatt,Chennai at nine am” that calls all the registered attendees  to remind.  (For today’s Amazon event at Hyatt, I had received 3 reminders from a person in the last 1 week), Just imagine the productivity ,agility and savings that text to voice from SNS can bring about..
Any one interested in developing a niche Text /SMS based/text driven Voice solution may reach out to me at sankar[at]cloudshoring.in

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