Cloud computing for Emergency Alerts ,Communications and Pro-Active disaster prevention

It was a very sad incident yesterday that atleast 90 people perished and several others were hurt in a deadly fire at the AMRI Hospital in Kolkata,India. The incident as per media reportsindicate several gaping holes with regards to fire safety and  Preparedness in  City hospitals.

Given the toll of human lives and the damages, This should be a  wake up call for all the hospitals in India to assess their environment for safety and be prepared to avert disasters.

Once fire is detected say through suitable electronic smoke or fire sensors, multiple channels of  (Alerts) communication is of paramount importance. In the above cited incident which occurred at 3 AM, it took a long time for fire tenders to start the rescue work.

How about a situation where a fire detection system automatically makes a Telephone call to fire stations , the hospital’s management and other emergency management team and a pre-recorded voice alerts them until they acknowledge. ? How about sending a SMS,MMS alerts to Mobile phones, How about taking stock of the situation through a Live Video?

While there are sophisticated and expensive solutions already available for this,Cloud computing  today provides an opportunity for organisations of all sizes  to  implement very sophisticated emergency communication and alert systems leveraging cloud’s ondemand model with the following benefits.

  • No Upfront IT Infrastructure costs and overheads
  • Simplifies complex communication and related implementation (software implementation) and hence related costs.
  • Faster time to implement and upgrade
  • Lower ongoing operational/maintenance costs
  • Ease of Integration from a third-party building management,controls and/or fire alarm systems and software

Additionally , Cloud based emergency alert/communication can significantly help augment the capabilities of today’s modern building management and control systems.

Examples of such Emergency alert  implementation scenarios could be one or more of the following

  • Individual Sensor systems or Building management systems generates alerts (smoke,fire/heat)
  • Such alerts can be channelized to a  Cloud communication service that one implements.
  • The cloud service processes the incoming request and initiates (communication) actions .
  • The communication actions (alerts) can be such as
    • Calling one or more Phone numbers (Telephonic call alerts across the world) and Playing a predefined voice message per incoming alerts
    • Calling and Connecting one or more people
    • Sending SMS Alerts
    • Sending MMS alerts
    • Sending Email alerts
    • Initiating safety controls based on remote actions (for instance if I were to receive an automated Telephonic call alert that there is a fire detected in the 5th floor, I can press a <action code secret > of say 877888 as a key board or voice response to initiate switching off the Air-conditioners and automatically opening the windows in that floor) , A number of similar things can be implemented.(e.g. initiating backup alarm hooters,starting water sprinkling  so on…) .A demo or a working prototype of a cloud based emergency communication and alert service such as the one described above may be designed and implemented based on your specific requirements. you may contact me at sankar[at]cloudshoring[dot]in

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