AWS Direct Connect announces four new locations, Scenarios to leverage it for your business

Amazon AWS today announced four new AWS Direct Connect locations at CoreSite One Wilshire in Los Angeles, TelecityGroup Sovereign House in London, Equinix in Singapore, and Equinix in Tokyo. These locations serve the US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), Asia-Pacific (Singapore) and Asia-Pacific (Tokyo) Regions.

With this launch, AWS Direct Connect is now available in six locations around the world.

What sort of businesses/organisations could leverage this ? Here are some scenarios..

1. Enterprises connecting their on-premise data centers to a virtual data-center on the cloud (Amazon AWS VPC) with significant  data-flow (I/o) between them. (e.g. DB Sync,replication etc)
2. High bandwidth,heavy-duty data Applications : E.g companies building CDN for delivering High Definition (HD) Video on demand or Live HD video streaming on the cloud with high bandwidth port end points at various geo-locations or on-demand rich media transcoding workflow processing. For instance,online news and media companies that process huge amounts of web and rich-media information could build and operate their own private content delivery networks in a cost-effective manner than relying on third-party vendors.

3. Scenarios that demand Low latency processing :-  A good example of this could be a scenario of integrating real-time data on the cloud about which I had written recently.When you want to send real-time data to the cloud, one would high-speed ,dedicated networks to enable near real-time information processing on the cloud along with added security and privacy and in my belief Amazon AWS direct connect is well placed to enable such solutions. I think this is a good area to explore for applying and leveraging AWS direct connect.

4. Organisations that wants to push tons of  data to the cloud frequently in a private and secure manner . E.g. Big-data processing,analysis,  Scientific analysis (bioinformatics,CAD/CAE Simulations etc) on Amazon aws HPC cloud clusters that consume terabytes of data.
5. Companies that would like to leverage hybrid cloud models especially based on the elastic nature of the cloud , i.e a Cloud burst that requires spinning a lot of machines with a very high I/O requirements on the bandwidth during the cloudburst.

Essentially if you have a dedicated cloud server farm on Amazon connected through AWS VPC functionality that needs a consistent,high throughput bandwidth,you should explore using AWS direct connect. If you look at the service specifications of VPC and dedicated servers, you will see that Amazon doesn’t provide information on the network  port capacity available for such dedicated servers while using aws direct connect assures you with a dedicated 1GBPS or 10 GBPS external network connect.


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