Mobile App development and Public cloud in 2012

In a recent news article “Developers will flock to public cloud in 2012” ,Giga Om reports that  a whopping 66 percent of respondents said they will be doing mobile development this year considering the glut of smartphones, tablets and app stores flooding the market. I  strongly believe so! , A number of proven technologies are available today including Cloud based services that have empowered the developers in an unprecedented ,like never before manner to create niche Mobile solutions for consumers and the business.

Particularly, I wish to mention about  HTML5,Java Script (Sencha,JQuery mobile etc),Multi device abstraction frameworks like PhoneGap,Webservices based on REST and JSON. A number of powerful commercial and business services are available today as Web services API that can be readily integrated with the mobile and cloud based information processing software applications.

For instance, I could develop and test a simple Google location based mobile service that lists the Banks in New York  using some of the  technologies and tools mentioned above in a matter of 2 hours! For example, JSON data format which is becoming ubiquitous is so easy to understand  that it takes only a few lines of JQuery /JS code to parse ,organise and display the data on a mobile phone!  So ,

In 2012 and going forward , there is a tremendous scope for developing niche business applications connecting the Mobile and the Cloud. Below is a screen shot of the JSON response from the Google Map/location reponse for search on “Banks” with in 2000 meters of Central New York and then the same information processed and organised on a Mobile phone (Emulator screen is shown)



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