Yr 2012’s Opportunity = HTML5+Javascript+Mobile+Cloud

I believe HTML5,Javascript based technologies , tools  and solutions are growing in an unprecedented way to serve the huge proliferation waiting to happen in the smart mobile phone and tablet consumption. This week JQ.Mobi was unleashed. Several cloud based Mobile services are emerging. Eg. StackMob. APIgee yesterday acquired UserGrid

Advances in Multi-Phone-platform SDKs like AppMobi and Appcelarator combined with the ability to integrate seamlessly with the Cloud are bringing in significant opportunities for developers and businesses.

The name of the game i.e. HTML5+JS+Cloud based Mobile solutions would offer key  benefits such as

* Rapid development
* Slash time to market a Mobile based product / solution or service
* Significantly lower the cost of development
* Improved user interfaces /Usability
* Improved reach

One of the things, I have personally experienced with the above is the ability to test ideas quickly,develop rapidly and produce a workable solution in front of the clients in a matter of few hours and days . Agile and Continuous integration at work!  This enhances the ability to compete ,negotiate better and win business, The net result of this awesome! I believe  We have a lot more to see and do in 2012.

Want to Check RAD ? (Rapid App. devel) , Here are the Videos of Sample Android Apps that I developed in 3 days Flat! with the ability to deploy the code in iPhone and BB using HTML5 ,jQ and REST -WS.


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