Wowza Server with nDVR (Live streaming with DV recording) & Web Remote Control

Wowza Media System’s Wowza 3.0 server with nDVR Add on is a nice feature to implement Live recording of Video streams that enables Time shift (DVR) video play on a Flash player.

nDVR Add on has options for DVR modes such as Append ,Version and Delete.

Append mode is used if  one wants to combine/ stitch all the Live streams that you encode along with when the DVR is enabled. Version mode creates different record archives when you start and stop the DVR and with this you can publish unique recordings. For instance, let’s say you record streams every two hours or if it is time triggered , you can list the recordings and play it based on the time intervels.

I think Wowza Server with nDVR is a great infrastructure for enabling Live video streaming with recording on the Cloud from H.264 IP Cameras (e.g. Axis). One could directly configure the IP cameras to stream  H.264 high quality video streams to Wowza with nDVR and then display the Live streams on the Web or Mobile along with DVR recording (Live recorded archive).

Cloud computing storage systems such as Amazon S3 and EBS provides a powerful ,scalable and cheaper way to record and Archive terabytes of  Live Video recording data from the IP Cameras. Wowza server can take several I.P Camera inputs and hence multiple camera streams could be enabled. Such a cloud based business model could be distruptive !

The timeshift recorded Play on a Flash Player using the Wowza nDVR is apt for IP Camera video recordings as one can sift through several hours of recorded video online easily.

Here is a Video demo of the Wowza nDVR add on with Web based recording control (start:stop)

The remote control of the DVR can be enabled using the Wowza server’s nDVR APIs.

In the demo, I have integrated a web server with the Wowza’s API to start and stop the recording. Such controls can be enabled  from a Mobile or through Triggers from Cameras or any other event based trigger that can make a http call to Wowza server.

Live Video+Wowza servers+nDVR+Cloud services+Web+Mobile provides immense opportunities to deliver newer models in the business of  Video. Additionally,Wowza’s Adptive bit rate Live streaming using Wowza’s on the fly  Transcoder also offers newer possibilities. My earlier post on this is  available in this link

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3 Responses to Wowza Server with nDVR (Live streaming with DV recording) & Web Remote Control

  1. Vipul Patel says:

    Hi Shankar,
    We are exploring product for cloud dvr with amazon s3, do you have any solution ?

    Vipul Patel

  2. Richard says:

    Would this work with a full length movie streaming into my website?
    Systems Engineer,

  3. Nice article. It could be a more plug&play solution if you use CamStreamer ACAP application on your Axis camera. CamStreamer enables the Axis camera to push the RTMP video to your Wowza server. No need for RTSP port forward. Camera initiates the RTMP connection to the Wowza server. See

    Jan Zimmermann, CamStreamer

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