Transcoding a 1080P HD Video on ‘Amazon Elastic Cloud Video transcoder’ in 30 seconds

Amazon web services today introduced an Elastic Video Transcoding service. I set out to quickly try a 1080P HD Video transcoding on it. Basically , I got a HD Video transcoded to  a 480 P ,SD Video in Mp4(H.264 codec) ,  and FLV (Flash video format) . Here is how i did it…..

1. I downloaded a publicly available 1080P HD Video [.mp4] ,~ 500 MB in size of  a space launch and uploaded it to one of my AWS S3 Buckets .


2. This bucket also served as the input bucket for the AWS Elastic transcoder


3.  I created a new Pipeline for AWS Elastic transcoding, specifying the name, input and output buckets


4. Next create a  transcoding job with the above pipeline and the 1080P HD Video file we had . Specified 480P ,SD Video as the video preset for transcoder output.  AWS provides various presets (i,e for Screen /device targets..)


5.  Start this job and the status of the transcoding job can be monitored. progressing now…transcoder5

6. Next, I check the status again and the transcoding is completed . I think it just took about 30 seconds for this entire pipeline job to be completed


7. Next,Checked if the transcoded video has been saved at the designated S3 Bucket. Yes, It has indeed been processed and saved. The output is a 15.8 MB , mp4 video file with 480P resolution. (As you can see here, I had also transcoded a similar job with the output transcoding as an Flash media file (FLV 480P))

I then made the 480P transcoded video as public (s3 ACL) for playing and copied the URL


8.  To play this transcoded file, I used the the great JW Player’s Online wizard accessible at     and configured its player mode to Flash player.[other mode being HTML5]

9. JW Player played the 480P transcoded MP4 and FLV videos of the spacecraft launch with a great outcome without a noticeable loss in quality.

MP4 Format play


FLV  format Play


I believe it is a great new service by AWS and the pricing at the outset seems to be cheaper than the some of the 3rd party vendors providing similar services.

I can only imagine, Amazon has set its sight on the Hollywood studios ! One of the slides I  used to see in some of the AWS conferences ,I had attended. I believe it is going to be forth coming. Studios could get thousands of their videos up in to S3 through AWS Import/Export…-:)  and get this done fast and cheap.

Recollecting Dr.Werner Vogels quote “If you have a great idea, the cloud (aws) will execute it for you!”

Looks like the cost of video post-production for studios and media companies is drastically going to fall if AWS Elastic transcoding services could be leveraged in a suitable manner.

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4 Responses to Transcoding a 1080P HD Video on ‘Amazon Elastic Cloud Video transcoder’ in 30 seconds

  1. Prakash says:

    Now, I guess, I kind of understand what is this elastic trans-coding. Thanks.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Whether Joining and Splitting option is available? If they include this feature then AWS transcoder is best than any other online encoders. The price is pretty cheap.

  3. suraj jain says:

    Any way of automating transcoding 100’s of files .. Wanted to know if batch processing is possible apart from API.. via any application or not ??

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