Cloud Based IP Video Surveillance – A demo

There is a slow and steady proliferation of IP based Video surveillance around the World. Particularly in the US and Europe where advanced wired and wireless broadband IP networks have been rapidly gaining a stronghold . My belief is that the confluence of this  IP network proliferation combined with Megapixel High resolution HD Cameras integrated to On-demand Cloud services provides a  significant opportunity to create niche IP Video surveillance solutions on the Cloud.

I believe , Cloud combined with video software technologies has the potential to  become the largest and ‘defacto’ distribution hub for IP Video surveillance data in the days to come. Cloud based storage and content distribution services will bring a paradigm shift in this landscape.  The Elastic nature of the Cloud will bring petabyte scale DVRs recording and storing live IP surveillance Video, scalable cloud servers and CDN can broadcast hundreds and thousands of live streams to global consumers for instance….

As a demonstration of this concept, Here is a demo of a solution I created on Amazon AWS cloud.

The figure below provides high level overview of the Concept/Solution


Here is the Live Video of a Demo IP CAM Video in HD format transmitted and distributed from the Cloud in real time!


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