Digital Ocean is Awesome!

Where in the world today can you get a SSD storage machine on a Tier-1 Network with 1 TB Data transfer pre-packaged for $5? Its only at Digital Ocean. It is probably one of the most interesting Cloud  I came across and tried recently. One of the important things to consider about Digital Ocean’s service is the high quality of Disk IOPS and Network I/O that comes at an unbeatable price.

IOPS intensive workloads in AWS Cloud is pretty expensive  plus you have to shell out additionally for the network I/O.

A decent sized SME Web Application workload on a $5 or $10 Digital Ocean Server can cost atleast $20 (400% more) in AWS and on a similar scale in Rackspace Cloud Server.

My  Objective here is not to compare Digital Ocean against AWS or Rackspace ,because you know I never compare a  bright engineer in his 20s with a go getter attitude with a Veteran Engg.Manager in his late 30s or eary 40s when Hiring, Many a times in a start up or in a SME business,an innovative Engineer in his 20+ is good enough for the business….

Digital Ocean’s User interface is slick, They have a easy to use APIs. May not be comprehensive., But its good. There are 3rd party wrappers/client libraries. You can take server snapshots and they have a backup service.

Digital Ocean’ Support has been terrific. You must perhaps experience what I am saying here..

As I am writing this, I just saw a message in their Console that their Amsterdam region has run out of capacity and no new droplets can be created! I can imagine they are growing up very rapidly and I hope their value will continue to stay as this growth continues…

Digital Ocean is definitely a new service to think about seriously and has been truely awesome

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