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The SaaS Solutions provided by Cloud Health Technologies , a new service provider on the block is  interesting

A holistic view of the Cloud environment especially when you have deployed hundreds of servers, store terabytes of data across mutiple storage locations drives cloud management innovation which is the heart of  CloudHealth Technologies. Their services combine cloud analysis technology and the integration of cloud business services such as provisioning, performance, monitoring, and financial, to support a holistic approach for IT management of your cloud ecosystem.  According to them, their services offer actionable business insights to help  answer the tough cloud management questions so that one can align the cloud assets and operations with their business needs such as for instance

  • What is my cloud usage per customer, service, or project?
  • How can I correlate my cloud performance to my customer service level requirements?
  • How can I correlate revenue per customer to COGS?
  • How can I determine the optimal number and types of reserved instances based on business needs?
  • How can I get a consolidated view of all of my accounts, services, regions, and asset detail?

At the Outset it seems to be an interesting service especially for companies which may have a number of their Amazon cloud assets to be streamlined and managed. Their website doesn’t provide information about pricing. 

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