GlobalVideoWorks Launches LiveOnSpot Cloud based IP Camera Surveillance Solution

Chennai, India

GlobalVideoWorks a leading provider of Internet Rich-media has launched LiveOnSpot a cloud hosted IP camera monitoring and video security solution for home owners and businesses. LiveOnSpot provides the ability to simultaneously monitor IP Cameras for single or multiple properties that may be located anywhere geographically. It provides a centralized web access for property owners and businesses to be monitor in one place. LiveOnSpot provides powerful yet flexible and cost effective services to help its users to derive maximum benefits of the hosted video surveillance.

LiveOnSpot’s managed Cloud services are available in the US, Europe and Asia.

“With increasing vandalism and damages caused to on-premise Video surveillance systems such as DVRs at the scene of incident, the on-site risks lower the reliability of monitoring and this is where LiveOnSpot’s cloud based service provides higher reliability combined with cost-effectiveness. With no need for any IP video equipment on-premise, there are no monitoring equipments that could be damaged or stolen . This enables the property owners to lower risks and get a predictable sense of security.

Today property asset owners and managers need a security solution that helps them protects the property and at the same time lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) and frees them from daily operational overheads and worries. LiveOnSpot with its 24×7 Cloud hosted IP Camera monitoring and security offers an ‘Enhanced Situational Awareness’ and provides an augmented intelligence allowing property owners to assess the security status anytime through its services. LiveOnSpot is designed to overcome the inherent challenges of the traditional On-premise IP camera & video infrastructure, including

  • Upfront investments on hardware, including real estate, power, cooling and IT equipments
  • Ongoing maintenance & resources
  • Dealing with camera disconnects, hardware failures and delays in replacements
  • Scalability limitations and upgrade costs
  • Limited or no remote access
  • Complex distributed silos when dealing with multiple locations /offices
  • Risk of losing equipment due to vandalism or theft

Some of the powerful features of LiveOnSpot includes:

  • Flexibly connecting cameras in Record or Motion detection modes
  • Flexibly define one or multiple ‘spots’ for motion detection (window, doors, entrance etc) combined with the ability to filter or mask spurious motion signals like from trees or sudden light changes or normal movements applied suitably to varied scenarios.
  • Software defined perimeter sensing and triggers for enhanced situational awareness
  • Customisable ‘Exceptional’ Alerts based on the time or the located spot of motion
  • Flexibility to switch on and off the the cameras based on pre-defined times to save network bandwidth or to reduce spurious motion signals
  • Email Alerts with Inline images when motion is detected
  • Periodic email alerts of ‘Alarm frames’ from cameras as an inline video
  • Dashboard with simple and powerful Analytics including alarm frames review video and camera events charts

Centralised Web based solution for Multiple Properties: With LiveOnSpot, users can easily combine properties spread across locations such as homes, shops, offices, clinics or parking lots with a single,  dedicated and secure access and view of cameras

LiveOnSpot allow users to monitor any number of remote IP cameras from any of the modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, as well as the growing number of connected devices including Android phones and tablets, in the most secure manner

Affordable: Cloud-based service provide a lower cost of entry since there are no server purchases. They also provide a steady rate for service providing greater ease of planning and budgeting combined with greatly reduced liabilities.

About LiveOnSpot:

LiveOnSpot is a business unit of GlobalVideoWorks, a company focused on delivering online video solutions to global customers.  The company has a focus to bring the value of next generation cloud powered IP Camera and Video to the masses. Our endeavor is to offer simple and cost effective software as a service in this area that will empower our global customers and partners

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Chandra Kanth



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