What is Cloudshoring?

Cloudshoring is a blog to share my thoughts in the area of Cloud Computing. ‘Cloudshoring’ is also a consulting service provided by me.  The term “Cloudshoring” my parlance is about two key areas in the emerging area of Cloud computing.

a) Moving Your Business or the IT operations to the cloud from the present in-house IT model , that is like “Moving to another shore” . For instance, Moving your enterprise Apps from your data center to the cloud, If your are an ISV ,moving your products on a cloud to enable an on-demand service model etc..

b) Next, The term Cloudshoring is synonymous to nearshoring and offshoring widely used in the Global IT Services model today. Cloud based IT deployment widely accessible from anywhere in the world makes it amenable for various services that can be executed and consumed easily from  location in the world. Hence this term.

1 Response to What is Cloudshoring?

  1. Allwin Fernandez says:

    Hai i am allwin working in cloud computing at CSC,cheenai.I am very happy to reasd all your posts which are highly informative for newbies like me..I like to be in touch with personally to learn lot moree in this field.

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